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​transient whitening

First time in Osaka city!

-Safe whitening that does not hurt, does not stain, and does not damage teeth-

​transient whitening features

​When you hear the word whitening, do you have the image of "whitening teeth" and "painful" and "staining"? Pain and stains appear in whitening because the use of high-concentration drugs causes hypersensitivity.

​Whitetheory's whitening uses state-of-the-art whitening technology and does not use drugs, so there is no tooth pain or stain.

Himawari Dental Clinic Whitening

Domestic certified medical device "CoolBright X-limit"

The permanent dentition is completed with a technology that whitens the outer surface of the teeth and the inner surface of the teeth (due to porphyrin derived from blood that increases with age) from the root using the action of light.From elementary, junior high and high school students to the elderlyYou can take it with confidence. At the same time as obtaining a high aesthetic effect, this lightBactericidal effect against tooth decay bacteria and periodontal disease bacteriaIt is also a big feature that you can achieve beauty and health at the same time. (Certificate No.13B2X10368000001)


A wide range of people can be treated

With conventional whitening, conditions were limited, such as pregnant women not being able to receive it. We also support a wide range of people such as tetracycline with strong coloring.

​ Overwhelming change visible in a short time

About 30 minutes of irradiation will brighten the color of your teeth by about 8 to 10 steps, so you can feel the whiteness of your teeth with a single treatment. I want to whiten my teeth quickly for important events! It is especially recommended for those who say.

Extensive aftercare

In our whitening clinic, we also provide aftercare after treatment. We provide EX Cleaner* to keep your teeth white. By using it every day, you can keep the color of your teeth for about three months. For those who have signed up for the first timeNormal 9,900 yen (tax included)Where,freewill be presented!*Varies by plan.
EX Cleaner
Effective in maintaining whiteness after whitening. Micron baking soda abrasive does not damage teeth or gums. It also has the effect of dissolving and removing tartar. (Certificate No.13B2X10368000003)

​A space where you can relax in a completely private room

Our clinic provides a space where customers can relax so that they can spend a comfortable time with completely private rooms and aromatherapy. We also place great importance on personal communication with each patient.

​treatment menu

​ ​regular price 
38,500 yen (35,000 yen excluding tax)
★EX Cleaner★ (first time only)
Within 2 months from the first
(2000 yenpull)
​Kids Discount
(Elementary and junior high school students aged 10-15)
​student discount
(High school students to college/vocational school students)
36,300 yen (33,000 yen excluding tax)
​22,000 yen (20,000 yen excluding tax)
33,000 yen (3,000 yen excluding tax)
★EX Cleaner★
​ course price 
3 times course
Bridal course (for 2 people)
97,750 yen (88,863 yen excluding tax)
15% off
69,300 yen (63,000 yen excluding tax)
10% off
​ ★EX Cleaner★ We will give you EX Cleaner only for the course.

Flow of treatment


​1. Counseling

Our staff specializing in whitening will propose a plan that suits each patient according to the patient's wishes. If you have any concerns or questions about whitening, please feel free to contact us.

(Counseling is free.)


​2.Whitening treatment

Before whitening, there are some precautions and explanations. For the safety of the patient, we will prepare for the treatment and light irradiation after understanding. Although there are individual differences, the irradiation time is about 15 minutes.

* In rare cases, you may feel pain due to heat. In addition, there is a risk of whitening, and side effects such as heat sensation and mild gingivitis may occur.In that case, please rest assured that we will respond promptly.



After irradiation, we will use a shade guide to check the change in the whiteness of your teeth together. In addition, you can feel the whiteness of your teeth more by looking at the photos of your teeth before and after treatment.

​ *It takes about 90 to 120 minutes from counseling to confirmation. (There are individual differences)
This is a video of the actual procedure!



Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line Tamade Station From exit 4, go straight along Nanko-dori, about 2 minutes on foot.



​Sunflower Dental Clinic


1-4-3 Kohama Nishi, Suminoe Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Evergreen Sumiyoshi 1F

◆Our hospital has staff who can speak Chinese. (If you wish, please make a reservation between 10:00 and 16:00.)

Reservation reception time
​ *Closed on Thursdays, Sundays, and holidays.
In order to satisfy each and every customer and provide full support, we have introduced a complete reservation system.We ask that you come to the hospital on the date of your reservation as much as possible.teethDay before reservationPlease contact us bySo that as many people as possible can receive treatment at their desired time,​ Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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